Cottage Mice

1.            Can squeeze through a 6mm gap.  Martha cannot……she’s a little chubby through the middle…..

2.            Mice whiskers are used to sense smooth and rough surfaces, temperature changes and breezes.  Martha’s whiskers go far     beyond in their capabilities……happiness, sadness, surprise, delight, joy, embarrassment, etc…..she is a very sensitive mouse!!

3.            Mice see best in dim light. Their eyesight is weak, but their other senses are acute…     …OK… she does have beady    eyes….but they’re cute beady eyes…..

4.            Mice can hear ultrasound up to 90kHz, they can also produce ultrasound for communication between individuals.  Martha talks…..albeit quietly…..sometimes too much…

5.            Mice prefer to travel adjacent to walls and other edges.  Or in cars, boats, scooters, and bicycles…..and occasionally, in pockets.

6.            They forage only for short distances from their nest, usually not more than 10 to 30 feet.  Martha has been known to dabble in time travel.

7.            Mice explore their territory daily, showing no aversion to new objects (neophobia).  ....especially new toys and mischief.  Martha likes shiny things too.

8.            The average mouse consumes 3-4g per day, preferring cereal grains and seeds.  Martha prefers cheese.

9.            Mice may make 20 to 30 visits to different food sites each night taking as little as 0.15g at each site.  Martha prefers a little larger portions…..hence the thickness around the middle.

10.        Mice produce 7 – 8 litters of 4 – 16 pups per year. They begin breeding at two months of age.  No way!!

11.        Mice use urine as markers to determine where they have been.  Ugghh...disgusting.....Martha uses breadcrumbs and cheese string.

12.        Mice can produce up to 80 droppings a day which are scattered everywhere rather than one place.  Martha scatters clothing and toys in a similar fashion.


Written by Karen Lang — May 06, 2013

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